Saturday, May 22, 2010

Introduction to Aphotic Segment

Words By: C.A.P. & Pipé Scuttleworth.

"Aphotic Segment” is a monthly endeavor aimed at the exploration of the seemingly divergent worlds of both electronic and traditional music. The goal is to distend the audience with a cacophony, in an environment suitable for a listener's total immersion.

Too often sound is presented myopically, in a context that focuses on a particular scene or style. The current structure often serves to narrow the participant’s exposure, frequently at the expense of the broader spectrum of what already exists or what may be.

With our monthly, we will attempt to parse the infinite, to help induce a musical imagination ripe with lizard androids, gothic relics, and outer space travel. Here, here fine friends! Our time is too limited to suppress the curious nature of humanity and its lovely soundtrack. We cannot grow unless we continue to search the abyss.

In addition, this blog is committed to connecting the listener with each month's recorded segment. Stay tuned for estranged audio vibrations and more.


  1. I'll be following this blog too. A good way to maintain a balance when things tend to narrow into one or two genres for too long...

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