Sunday, July 17, 2011

Aphotic Segment - The Spiritual Healing Edition w/ Erno the Inferno & Joe Vargas - July 27th 2011

This Aphotic Segment is proud to proclaim that the month of July is now a new patron saint month to be lent to the usual spiritual observances …. and although our views are often secular by nature, it’s occasionally entertaining to reference religious figures for the purpose of steeping our minds in the myriad amount of ideas we hold dear to our vision. Don’t you worry though, we’re not going to solicit you to relocate to a remote jungle encampment and drink Kool-Aid…….that intercom was CREEPY!

Ernie Guerra, known ‘round these parts as “Erno the Inferno,” is our special guest patron-saint-of-the-month. What’s even better is that he’s celebrating his birthday on the eve of our grand musical exposition. Over countless years, while deep in the bowels of this great recession, Ernie has made an impact on the local community by healing the poor, sick, blind and leprous (among others) back to health through the magical and holistic practices of music. No one knows for sure, but tales told amongst village residents suggest that a bearded man approached Erno in his dream one night and granted him such powers. I mean, how else could one explain the sudden and mysterious knowledge bestowed to a local street urchin who spends most days wandering barefooted amongst the village byways? No one knows for sure and Erno ain’t talkin’, either!

Please, won’t you join us and help pay respect to such a glorified soul? Candle light vigil begins at 10 p.m. and carries on into the early morning.

Ceremonial Vibes By:
Erno the Inferno - DJ
Joe Vargas - DJ
Drew Pompa - DJ

Wednesday, July 27th 2011
Woodbridge Pub
5169 Trumbull Ave.
Detroit, MI 48208
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