Thursday, February 10, 2011

Aphotic Segment 010 - The Walrus Edition

If one were to surmise the comparable attributes between a walrus and Detroit’s very own Daniel Kinney, then your description may read as followed: both are extremely sociable creatures, prone to loud bellowing, sometimes snorting……. and both have enough fortitude to adapt to the extreme conditions of their environment. Environment, you say? Well sure, why not. One’s from the Polar Arctic, while the other resides in Detroit. Might as well be the same, if you ask me. At any rate, one could even further surmise that a moniker like “The Walrus” is a fairly applicable name for such a strikingly similiar gentleman.

Call it tenacity, persistence, even thick-skinned. Ah…. what the hell! Why not even call it the blubber effect. Point being, that while Mr. Kinney hasn’t quite grazed the vast domain of Detroit’s fertile disc-jockey ocean, his walrus-like instincts positions him in a unique advantage above most newbies who are testing the waters for their very first time. And similar to the infinite ocean, Mr. Kinney’s musical selections are equally as boundless; blues, rock, soul, funk, electro, indie, and shaman-beats….. among many other titillating aural delights.

Join us on Wednesday, February 23rd as Aphotic Segment proudly presents the first ever public dj performance from Dan Kinney, a.k.a. “The Walrus”. The beats will certainly be heavy, so make sure you have what it takes to survive these elements!

Wednesday, January 26th 2010
The Woodbridge Pub
5169 Trumbull Ave.
Detroit, MI 48208
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