Sunday, February 27, 2011

Aphotic Segment 010 | February 23rd 2011

What a spectacular showing at last week's Aphotic Segment. There were lots of heavy boozes, including myself, that kept it vibin' until the bartender Andrew was forced to banish us all from the premises - a true sign that I'm at least following through on some of the goals that I set out to achieve through this monthly event.

Continuing, Dan Kinney provided an unusual but certainly enjoyable selection of funk, techno and classic rock. Very nontraditional from an Aphotic standpoint, but nonetheless, the kind of character-driven music selection that I've come to embrace. There aren't too many dj's in this city that will play Bob Seger and Isolee in the same dj set. Maybe Psycho or Jared Wilson, but that's about end of the line. Moreover, Detroit can expect to see alot of Dan Kinney as his newly realized hobby as a dj becomes more prevalent in and around the environs of Detroit. Bright future for this guy!

Part 1: Drew Pompa
Length: 45:31
Format: MP3
Bit Rate: 192 KBPS
Link: Download


01. Hypermagic - A Million See
02. Mux Mool - Drums With Audible Python
03. Toro Y Moi - Imprint After
04. James Blake - I Mind
05. Lelia - Young Ones
06. Gorillaz - Little Plastic Bags
07. Games - Strawberry Skies
08. Brainds - Lammicken
09. Anika - Yang Yang
10. Ebo Taylor - Love and Death
11. Dorival Caymmi - Berimbau
12. Tom Ze - Gloria

Part 2: Dan Kinney
Length: 1:48:55
Format: MP3
Bit Rate: 192 KBPS
Link: Download

01. little martha - allman brothers
02. honey dripper - dr. john
03. she caught the katy - taj mahal
04. goin' down - j.j. cale
05. another brick in the wall pt. 1 - pink floyd
06. shellah v. - chris joss
07. monorail - the j.b.'s
08. express - the b.t.'s
09. sneaking sally through the alley - robert palmer
10. knocked up - kings of leon
11. renegade - styx
12. sharivari - the dirtbombs
13. know your rights - the clash
14. black betty - ram jam
15. witch hunt - the mob
16. scraper - liquid liquid
17. polaroid/roman/photo - ruth
18. madchen mit hase - isolee
19. do ya - inner city (claude young remix)
20. long train running - the doobie brothers
21. raw jam - derek plaslaiko
22. solve for x - codine (alex israel remix)
23. night moves - bob seger
24. it's too late - carole king

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