Monday, January 28, 2013

Aphotic Segment @ The Sugar House

The Sugar House is one of Detroit’s newest watering holes.  They serve a bevy of flips, fizzes, classics and craft cocktails, where the crew of bartenders effortlessly blends spirits that are both boozy and packed with flavor, lots of flavor.  The décor is both subtly understated and stylish; a chandelier with its brass bothria illuminating the mullions dissecting the Michigan Avenue window panes is juxtaposed by the dimly-lit and unassuming tables pushed up against exposed brick walls, adorned with a variety of taxidermic Bovidae heads.  It all gives the impression that patrons have options that range from rare whiskeys and Italian Amaros to canned beer.

Even better, this fine establishment plays host to a local record collector’s leisurely party of listening pleasures every unsuspecting Sunday night.  Chad Pratt, of Ghostly International’s Midwest Product, plays musically diverse sets  that traverse throughout rare soul, funk, post-punk, new-wave and electronic.  Though the craft cocktail parades itself in stunning, Manhattan and New Orleanian glory at the bar, the music shambles with odd grace by your eardrum at an approachable and convivial gait. On a regular Sunday night at the Sugar House, music and intimate atmosphere balance in measured harmony, much like subtly paired aperitifs and ryes; a mélange of flavor and booziness.   Sounds like an Aphotic Segment!

Chad Pratt (Ghostly International) - DJ
Drew Pompa (We Are All Machines) - DJ

Sunday, February 10th 2013
The Sugar House
2130 Michigan Ave
Detroit, MI 48216

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